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TAG: Babylon Decoded

19 August 15 22H54

Jaba on Freedomizer Radio with Sean Caron - The WORLD is a LIE !

A rare opportunity to express myself freely on a radio! Talking about Music and Music Business and allot more! Video is underplayed with images!

30 January 15 12H24

Slave Mentality

How to explain to a slave that he is slave, when he never experience by himself being free! I will try my very best to not make a RUN AWAY post. There is NO JUDGMENT or exposing the MAN/WOMAN, but pointing out the IDEAS/CONDITION we all got exposed since child!

14 September 14 22H59

True MAN Show - What is Really going on

Here one of the latest True MAN Shows. A overview about what is really going on and why!

19 August 14 16H55

I'm a proud Bad Speller

Don't think i need to mention how badly spelled by blogs are! But i have personally no issue with it! Languages are the first reason for separation , Racism and Mind Control.

14 February 14 16H52

The World is just: One Big LIE

We push our children's to imagination, tell them stories. Congratulate them when they start to read and write. Also we got told to study, books, HIStory, Mathematics. And the ones who do not like this idea get called, turbulent, hyperactive and got drudged up or send to a psychiatrist.

16 January 14 16H58

No such thing as HUMAN RIGHTS for the normal people

Many still don't get, that the Declaration of human rights are only there to protect the elite and not the "normal people" so called slaves.