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04 December 18 22H25

Loving the music but hating the message

Some claim to "love jaba/moonraisers music/vibe" but rejecting categoric what "Jaba" is saying, as soon they get DIRECTLY CONFRONTED with the reality of things and facts!

19 August 15 22H54

Jaba on Freedomizer Radio with Sean Caron - The WORLD is a LIE !

A rare opportunity to express myself freely on a radio! Talking about Music and Music Business and allot more! Video is underplayed with images!

27 September 11 16H50

Moonraisers the END

Moonraisers was for me more than a band, a project or even a idea of not only making music, but a way of simply doing things differently in a only profit dictated world! And it took me 100% of my time, my energy, my passion, my priority, my thoughts and for sure, by the way I live FOR music and not FROM music, all money. Over all this time!

16 January 11 12H20

Rise Up

Rise up Rise up Rise up will be a gain Rise up Rise up Rise up for my mind and my brain ....! Around the world people told me that they hear the song ... and for sure i saw it my self when i traveled myself almost around the whole planet!