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04 December 18 22H25

Loving the music but hating the message

Some claim to "love jaba/moonraisers music/vibe" but rejecting categoric what "Jaba" is saying, as soon they get DIRECTLY CONFRONTED with the reality of things and facts!

This is direct contradiction because there is nothing different in the musical message than in daily life, facebook, youtube, twitter or any other expression!

By claiming to "prefer the music" it just shows how people are "making up their now fantasy" with the music/singer/musician/band without really being aware WHAT comes out of it!

This is again the PICK AND CHOOSE of reality and this way twisting reality and CREATE FANTASY/FICTION!!!
This way we continue to feed the illusion and KILL ART/ARTIST and the living inspirational expressions!

By creating fantasy with artists/art, artists/art get destroyed! Even this happen non voluntary, this is the outcome by electing things and twisting the reality of things!

This is one of the biggest issues artist have this days to deal with! People search to worship what ever can be worshiped instead to take the simple reflection people are making!

The example here is just the "artists/art and consumers of art" But we have to deal with the same shit in any domains!

Politicians, Scientists, Doctors, Gurus... and so on get worshipped and trust blindly for everything they provide!

People are making up their own "hollywood movie" inside their head, playing director/producer and engaged (without contract) the people around them into their movie, without their consent, and if this character are not played out the way they chose they start to tell you that their movie is not going on as they wished to be performed! This pure ego/selfishly driver behaviour we can find in any domain where people are confused!

The fantasy/illusions in this world are immense and if we just continue to pretend "i'm happy" without being aware that people are suffering for US "being happy"!

How can someone even "be happy"/pretend be free if others on earth are still not free?

Jaba/Moonraisers will continue to expose/question everything that is going on, on earth in every move, music speech and BREATH!!!

additional 1!
To be clear! People can love the music and don't agree with jaba!!!! But claiming to PREFERE MUSIC of THE MESSAGE then there is a DIVISION! And nobody can't DIVIDE the MESSAGE FROM THE MUSIC! It comes together!

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