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14 February 14 16H52

The World is just: One Big LIE

We push our children's to imagination, tell them stories. Congratulate them when they start to read and write. Also we got told to study, books, HIStory, Mathematics. And the ones who do not like this idea get called, turbulent, hyperactive and got drudged up or send to a psychiatrist.

Of course THE WORLD IS NOT THE EARTH! But only this, many do not realize that the WORLD is only the SYSTEM, this Slavery Idea of organizing human life on Earth!

And we get told from childhood (Hood!) that, THIS IS LIFE ON EARTH. Period.
All other ways of thinking are: Utopia, Unrealistic, Imagination or Fantasy!

Oh yeah as child we have so called "Fantasy"!
And when we grow up, we get told "To not live in a fantasy world" and grow up!

This whole hypocrisies of creating a obeying, non thinking, SLAVE!

I see it clearly with my kids, as soon as school start their behavior and believe start to kick in.
Daddy do not longer know the truth, now the Teacher take over and the books are proof!
Well in my case they know that daddy is thinking differently than the most people they face everyday, but also because i told them that: I will always show them the opposite of what they will hear in School, TV, Media and from many other people!
I also told them to take this as a gift. I don't ask them to believe me, but think for themselves, i will always make them see the things from another perspective.

This is the best explanation i found what a LIE really IS! (Thanks Arthur & Fiona!)

This WORLD is planed and executed by a small group of people who think of them selves to be the Illuminated. The word Illuminati is coming defiantly from this!
But they are nothing more then some Brain-damaged Narcissistic Psychopaths with very high level of self esteem!
They manage how every over generations to maintain the grip on the power structure.
A theory could be, that they reproduce by RAPE! Creating psychopath's from birth so they know, to who they will give over their "family affairs".

Why World, when we have a Earth?
Why should we live in a "World" when we already have a earth?
Again, only this show's how THIS WORLD, IS the fantasy world of some few Narcissistic Illuminated ones.
And only for them! The way they think the non Psychopathic people are stupid and only to serve as slaves for THEIR PURPOSE.

The purpose of a world is to make people live like in a video game!

The person as a fictional character!
A limited "space" to move: Country! (Human Farm)
A program to load the space: Program on TV (Tell lie Vision)
A Program need a "Language", Words (Spells), Code (rules of Limitations)
And a Operating System on the one you will be able to run the different Applications!

The only way to play THE GAME is in this system!
There is no way to play THIS GAME without this pre-programmed operating system!

Creating another World?
There are many ideas how to change this world or replace it!
But a WORLD is something that DO NOT EXIST !!!
It have to be "IMAGINE", is a fiction and yes is SIMPLY A DEAD LIE!


How many time i hear, BUT WE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT!!!!
But this is like saying: Wildlife can't live without Hunter !!!

Evolved Species, but with a Slave Mentality?
On one side we get told, we are the most "evolved" specie on planet earth, on the other side we get told not to think and just obey!
There is so much hypocrisy in all this indoctrinated "though form", we got indoctrinated, trough "Education" and IN-Formation, the ones deform and twist our senses to the extreme!

Material WORLD!
But the stuff are real! My Car, My House and the Police that is bulling around!
BUT also the Tree, the Grass the Air is Real, where is the difference!

Material meaning: "matter from which a thing is made"
Made, meaning humanly transformed. And if you take a tree to build something, you have to kill the Tree. Therefor the table, made out of wood, IS DEATH !!!

We are living in a almost 100% death matter world, with false fictional ideas!

That's why this mental and material slavery system so called: WORLD, is just a BIG LIE with the all SEEing EYE!

Author: Jaba