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19 August 14 16H55

I'm a proud Bad Speller

Don't think i need to mention how badly spelled by blogs are! But i have personally no issue with it! Languages are the first reason for separation , Racism and Mind Control.

No, english is not my first language, this don't mean that i'm any better in any other language!
My first language is not even a written language ;) SWITZERDÃœTSCH meaning "Swiss German". Well you can write it but the way there is no rule there is no real grammatical behind ;) and we have almost a different accent every 50km!
But this doesn't mean people can't speak with each other! Is not always easy to know all the words, (yeah even words change from place to place!) but there is defiantly a way to communicate!

If there is a wish to communicate you also can use your hands and your feet's! This works internationally!

Words are Spells
But the real reason i have no language complex, is because the modern languages are all manipulated and the real meaning of the words are often hidden or miss-overstand!
Spells are Magic Words, (as i point out in: The Mystery of Magic Decoded )

Many times i got the reminder, on my my "BAD" grammar or spellings!
I don't want anyone UNDER MY SPELL!
And my intend is not to create more illusion with magic spells!
All i wish is to plant a truth-seed in someone that he can grow on his own!

That's why i'm a proud bad speller!
Author: Jaba