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30 January 15 12H24

Slave Mentality

How to explain to a slave that he is slave, when he never experience by himself being free!
I will try my very best to not make a RUN AWAY post. There is NO JUDGMENT or exposing the MAN/WOMAN, but pointing out the IDEAS/CONDITION we all got exposed since child!

Someone need already to accept that he maybe got deceived by LIE’s for many many years. And over the years just believed wrong things.

To explain this to ONE slave, is one thing!
To explain this in general is almost an impossible task!
Because everything comes back to the amount of trauma/harm someone was exposed to!

Mental abuse is one thing … when the physical abuse comes into the subject, then the dimension of trauma, is not the same at all! The “escape program” is very strong, and not many are able to get out of this “false escape”, that just create many many other illusions!

Finally everything is going back to the mental/mind. But the HOPE/ILLUSION program is of course way bigger, when “explanations” for this abuse, was not available.
Something that is almost never the case!

The aspect of AGE and years, trying very hard to searching for “reasons” of all this abuse!
In this case the IDEAS are very blocked, even if someone believe “HE IS OPEN MINDED”!

Open Minded in the ALOUD AREA, Like the DOME of FREE-DOM.

As long as we do the best we can, to stay honest with ourself, to admit that we are not on the point of being fully away from the system, materially as mentally, then we are doing all we can!

But by the way everything starts with a thought, we have to be free in our mind!

So what is SLAVE MENTALITY and the EFFECT of it?

We defiantly talk about, a DEPENDENT WAY OF THINKING!
Even this is not easy to explain when someone never thought fully for himself!
Is like if you would ask a child to flight a A380 right now!

SLAVE MENTALITY is the INTELLECTUAL IN-FORMED, EDUCATED. Someone who believe he KNOW IT, because he read it somewhere, saw a documentary, hear someone talking etc. but that’s it!

He never create the thought he think, they are ALL from SOMEWHERE ELSE!
And because he took this intellectual property and mix it up as it fit’s in his “Area of acceptance”, HE THINK IS HIS THOUGHTS.

But as soon this things really get questioned profoundly, the “other idea” or worse fact of not existence got refused, rejected and can end up in RE-action, E-Motions etc.

The BELIEVE/PRESUMPTION is now accepted as FACT and nothing and nobody will be able to question this ..! until we accept that it could maybe be wrong …

In this state of mentality, everything from the past is judged, thats why we will judge the one’s who will question this believe!

But as soon we see that every judgment is a harm, meaning “telling someone something on full presumption without proof”, then we simple don’t judge none, including ourself!

Taking full responsibility
So if thoughts are just for the “confort zone builded WORLD”, something that is maybe a little out the box … but not to much to not be looked at as a fool! This is still slave mentality!

If we post online newspaper article without giving any of our thoughts … then we copy 100% intellectual property!

If we give “OUR” thoughts on it … we should double, tribble check if what WE THINK is really our thought or just another illusion from the confort zone!

HOPE FOR CHANGE this is also pure slave mentality … someone who is asking what is to do? … did not think about everything!

Complaining about politicians, bankers, environment, destruction, war and all this misery! Is still slave mentality!

Participating and motivating others to participate to PRO-TESTS, PETITIONS, VOTE.

Being absolutely sure about THE SOLUTION FOR THE MISERY like new monetary system, new way of ruling, better religion, better LAW’s, police, JUST-ICE, but also solar, permaculture, aquaponics, and all this very good ideas!

Need Slaves, Destruction and HARM!

This is not easy to comprehend … because they are all presented as: “solution based”!
We can say a solution is not a remedy but only a acceptance of “at least not worse”!

Therefor only the REMEDY is what we need!
Away from the system is a journey in the mind before everything … and because we don’t have to judge ourself, as longest we do the very best we can … more is in fact not possible!

And there is the honesty to ourself who will talk for itself, IF WE REALLY DO EVERYTHING WE CAN! Or do we just JUSTIFY that we do all we can!
Author: Jaba