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Slow Down

Slow Down everybody just keep it cool
while others are being taken for fool now

Do you really wanna go there
push it forward?
Do you really believe
you can afford it
a pat full of violence and self destruction
distract us from the ways of revolution
slow down you forever going to fast
slow down if you want your work to last

Slow Down
while others are being

Run on a rat race track
run faster and faster
no you never locking back
provoking a disaster
never stop for a minute and relax
slow dawn now
take a break
catch your breath

all a man a know a dat
have fi slow dawn a dat
if not we have fi run for all a dat
me no wanna special a di time
if na me have fi run for all a dat
all a dat, all a dat, al a dat


Sharing is Caring!!!

Sharing is Caring

Music by Jaba & M. Talmi
Lyrics by Jaba & David Granite
Mix by Jaba @ Chaumont Plage
Mastering by P. Brunkow @ www.damp-music.com
Video by Jaba & Nitram Gumby o.b.e.