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To live the life fully

To live the life fully
we have to face the fear of death
to know what’s life truly
stay conscious with every breath

ones we realise
there is no start nor a end
only if we digitise
is when we gonna bend
can you say no ?
or are you just follow on the go?
can you say no?
or be part of the show?

Are you are ready to make the first step no matter what comes and change
No excuse to escape?

why do you think some a them just make it worse?
Can’t you see theres a curse?

from the curse it gets worse until you’ll need a nurse,
can’t inverse, health disperse, voodoo ritual verse, with no way to disperse Print

Sharing is Caring!!!

Sharing is Caring

Music and Lyrics by: JABA
Sample: Il barone rosso (From "La bellissima estate")

Video by https://www.babylondecoded.com