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Welcome to Reality - Jaba & Friends

Welcome to Reality

Long side the road of Signal - Talking about Reality
In the nature there is NO MURDERER
Welcome to Reality
Blinded by duality never beLIEve what someones say
beLIEve in biology fool the mentality just feeding the brutality
Welcome to Reality
Imposing the normality twisting the reality

In the nature there is NO MURDERER
They wish us to obey and follow their fooled illusions
They want us to pay and buy their solutions
Let me tell you why you are here… (matrix)

Take the blue or the red pill
This is what they want you to choose!
If i want to live up in the green hill
walking onward in my own shoes

bow down, kawtaw to all their wicked ways
be sure that you pay all your dues
but if i choose no longer to be their puppet
all the consequences i can’t refuse

Welcome to Reality 2x
In the nature there is NO MURDERER
Welcome to Reality

No prove for duality
manipulate the mentality
imposing the normality
in the name of security
Welcome to Reality
Feeding the Brutality
Confuse with Legality
Fooled by Formality
Twisted MoralityPrint

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Sharing is Caring

Music by Jaba
Lyrics by Jaba and Nitram Gambi

Saxophone: Yann Altermath
Bass: Armando Ribeiro
Backing Vocals: Nitram Gambi & jaba
Drums, Vocals Programming, Guitar, Keyboards, Record and Mix: Jaba