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WALDO feat. Jaba - No Alibi

No Alibi

One day we gonna face it
None will be able to chasse it! No!

Walking on the truth path, as life is into infinity,
finding the answer just a question of ability.
But focus on the unicorn non sense sillily,
the life stop!

The endless search for recognition power grade ability,
pretending to be someone to faking nobility,
we all know by now,
this is not truth, no!

If one day you will face it straight
and don’t chasse it
and don’t embrace it, no more
then you will recognise
this is not truth, no!

Someday we’ll face it all,
no matter what we try
there is no alibi! NO!

This is not truthPrint

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Sharing is Caring

Music, Production and Mix by WALDO
Lyrics and Vocals by Jaba