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Jaba - Lokoba's Breath (Lyrics Video)

in life, things are coming, things are going
can’t hold them back

transformation, is the life foundation
don’t try to change this relation
if we keep on being spoiled
think we are boiled
in the water of lies
can we keep on spinning
the way we are living
if life stops giving?

water is the source to maintain the living
where lokoba is swimming, breath and singing yeah

you know what?
we aren’t taught the truth
get distraction for the youth
to fake the water doesn’t matter, they say
but water is living
life is breathing
not to the dead but the living
just appreciate, don’t search for the gate
nothing in life goes straight
the stream twist down his way
water drops night and day
and rise by every sun-ray

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Sharing is Caring

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This song is composed, played, arranged, mixed & masterised
by Version F at Studio F, Lausanne, Switzerland

Lyrics & Video by Jaba, www.jaba.ws