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The WORLD is a LIE - LIVE (Image Video)

The World is a LIE
nothing is real
The world is a LIE
there is nothing we can feel

Mama did na told me that the world isn't real
imaginary stories just a lie and unreal
Lie cal the other believe and fairy tales
like vampire prince of wales
I never got told what is real and true
thats why i took truth out of the blue
no one really sais no one really cares what is to do

The world is a LIE ….

Nothing in the world does really exists
need many word to give reality a twist
trough repetition and fear based mind control
let the earth exists as ball
so many think the world is the earth
because of all the lies they told since birth
no one really sees no one really cares
when our hearth get hurt

The world is a LIE ….

Sharing is Caring!!!

Sharing is Caring

Babylon Decoded Animated Live version of The WORLD is a LIE Live concert at Chaumont Plage December 2014