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Babylon we are leaving & Answer of Love LIVE

Babylon we’re leaving

Let’s walk away from town
living on a solid ground
Let’s walk away from town
Babylon we’re leaving

We got to believed we have no choice
telling you to vote to hear your voice
keep quite don’t make no noise
do not disturb the silent slavery
We don’t have to follow non
just turn the back to some of them
never give up the thought away
question all on our way
some of them suffer way to much
truth can’t exists as such
Babylon magic they are holding on


Two step forward going one step back
question everything to walk the right track 4x


Who can claim to own the land
this ya one we born and stand
Who wrote the rules by hand we have to understand
Where is the man who claim this?
Letting go the mental slavery
Is the only way to show real bravery
Letting go all emotional attachments
Now we gonna care about us!


Answer for LOVE

Some say love is like a tree
growing as we make it to be
twist things we don’t want to see
close eyes to things we may not agree

Do no harm is the answer for love
fighting for possession always ending in harm!
Do no harm is the answer for love
don’t fight for something don’t fight for someone!

This ya is me gal me want to have her for me life
Neva this ya man will let her go
Just looking at the outer beauty
and the makeup facade
and play the romantic balade


Sharing is Caring!!!

Sharing is Caring

Filmed by TEN
Live Mix by Pascal Brunkow
Video Editing by Jaba