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19 August 15 22H54

Jaba on Freedomizer Radio with Sean Caron - The WORLD is a LIE !

A rare opportunity to express myself freely on a radio! Talking about Music and Music Business and allot more! Video is underplayed with images!

27 September 11 16H50

Moonraisers the END

Moonraisers was for me more than a band, a project or even a idea of not only making music, but a way of simply doing things differently in a only profit dictated world! And it took me 100% of my time, my energy, my passion, my priority, my thoughts and for sure, by the way I live FOR music and not FROM music, all money. Over all this time!

16 January 11 12H20

Rise Up

Rise up Rise up Rise up will be a gain Rise up Rise up Rise up for my mind and my brain ....! Around the world people told me that they hear the song ... and for sure i saw it my self when i traveled myself almost around the whole planet!